Om Zuwelia Skins återanvändbara ögonmask

About Zuwelia Skins Reusable Eye Mask


After staring at our computers for hours on end there is nothing more refreshing than an eye mask, but among the eye masks available in Sweden it just didn't cut it for us so we created Zuwelias Skins eye mask with a text on it that reminds you of your daglia ritual - "me time".

Zuwelia Skin's reusable eye mask will become your new beauty favorite as these reusable ueye patches can be used anytime, morning and night. 

What is Zuwelia Skin's reusable eye mask primarily for? 

-If you feel that your under eyes are dry and dehydrated

-If you wake up with swollen eyes

-If you feel that your under eye cream is not properly absorbed into the skin

-If you work long hours and in front of a computer, the eye mask will be a holy grail after 

How do you use Zuwelias Skins reusable eye mask?

Step 1: Apply a little of any skin care product under the eyes

Step 2: Let the product under the eyes settle for a few seconds

Step 3: Place the Zuwelia Skins Eye Mask under the eyes 

Step 4: Let magic happen while doing your skincare and makeup routine

Step 5: Remove Zuwelia's skin eye mask and gently pat remaining serum into skin



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