Hjälper en ögonmask mot mörka ringer under ögonen?

Does an eye mask help with dark circles under the eyes?

"You look tired!" is not the most pleasant thing to hear.

Even if you yourself feel tired (which we all do sometimes), you probably want to look rested and refreshed. Dark circles under the eyes can make anyone look tired. They are caused by many different factors, some are genetic, while others are due to difficulty getting enough sleep. While we can't give you an easy way to completely prevent dark circles (especially if it runs in your family), knowing where they come from and how to treat them can help.

A common question we get is: do eye masks help with dark circles?

We'll help you understand what eye masks can and can't do, after we've given you some information on dark circles.

What are dark circles under the eyes?

When you see what appear to be non-genetic dark circles under the eyes, they are usually small blood vessels dilating. The more transparent your skin is, the more the appearance of blood vessels is affected. When you are tired, the blood vessels can dilate even more. When you don't sleep, you usually look paler and have less circulation, which worsens the appearance. Another reason for the appearance of dark circles is that the skin under the eyes is thin and becomes thinner with age. At the same time, we lose fat from under the eyes over time, which can contribute to making dark circles more prominent. Genetics is also very important.

A reminder that the eye sockets are not always dark circles without shadows (and not something to be treated with cosmetics) and lighting can have a huge impact. If dark circles run in your family, an eye cream can help a little, but it's always important to set your expectations!

What causes dark circles under the eyes?

Although people tend to associate dark circles with lack of sleep, it is only one of many potential causes. Other factors that can play a significant role in dark circles include:



Rub the eyes


Skin color

Exposure to the sun

Alcohol consumption


How can I prevent dark circles?

There is no single method to completely avoid dark circles under the eyes. When genetics and aging are two contributing factors to dark circles, the results of creams, serums and masks won't completely solve it but the good news is that they will help.

Do eye masks help with dark circles?

Yes, eye masks can help with dark circles, especially when combined with the right ingredients. How do eye masks help with dark circles? There are several ways. It's important to note that not every mask necessarily helps with dark circles, so our answers focus specifically on Zuwelia's eye mask.

The first way Zuwelia's eye mask can help with dark circles is by hydrating the delicate skin under your eyes, thanks to its ability to hold your choice of eye cream or serum in place for ten minutes. This gives your favorite product time to penetrate the skin and start working. The hydration can also plump the area, reducing the appearance of dark circles.

Depending on the product you use with your eye mask, you may also benefit from reduced puffiness, a brighter eye area and smoother, firmer skin. 

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