Den bästa återfuktande ögonmasken

The best hydrating eye mask

Your favorite hydrating eye mask feels amazing, doesn't it? Obvious.

What more could you ask for? It turns out, a lot. First, you can save money by using some of the products that are gathering dust on your shelves or help your favorite beauty products last longer. It is also a problem to use disposable products that are not good for the environment when using a moisturizing eye mask daily. If you think it's too much to ask from an eye mask to fulfill all these elements, it's time you met Zuwelia's eye mask.

Maybe you expected the best moisturizing eye mask to contain a luxurious product, sit on your face for a while and then be thrown in the trash while you enjoy the feeling of dewy skin. That may have been the case a few years ago, but to put it simply: things have changed. Zuwelia's eye mask takes the old eye masks you used to love and turns them into the next generation of hydrating eye masks.

How is Zuwelia's eye mask different from others?

Zuwelia's eye mask keeps the eye product of your choice close to the skin, enabling improved product delivery. Your favorite serum, cream or gel is the one you will use. If or when you want to try a new eye product - no problem. Zuwelia's eye mask is there with you for the loot.

It is made from 100% quality silicone which makes it easy to clean and built to last. This moisturizing eye mask doesn't go in the trash. Simply wash Zuwelia's eye mask after use, and it is ready for the next application.

Think how much waste you create if you use a disposable eye mask every day for a year. Now you understand why we can say that the best moisturizing eye mask saves your trash and the environment while saving your skin. With multiple placement options, Zuwelia's eye mask is the best moisturizing mask for those who want a little more control over exactly where their product goes.

You can use the eye mask as a makeup fallout collector if you wear eye makeup! It's really versatile. We think this is the best moisturizing eye mask because it allows you to get the best value from your favorite eye product.

You do NOT need to apply eye cream or gel when using Zuwelia's eye mask. Just a small amount of product is enough.

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