Den bästa återfuktande & plumpande ögonmasken

The best moisturizing & plumping eye mask

Helping you get more out of your skincare products, our reusable eye patches are a thin, lightweight and reusable eye mask that keeps gels, serums and creams close to the skin for maximum absorption.

Clogging of silicone helps the product sink into the skin and leaves a temporary plumping effect.

This is what is called an occlusive effect when moisture penetrates deeply by putting over our eye mask, the same principle follows sheet masks and eye patches you throw away after one use. The difference is that they are already soaked in serum, which means that you cannot use them again, unlike Zuwelia's reusable eye patches.

We are proud to present a more sustainable alternative that allows you to treat yourself every day without the unnecessary waste.


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