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Common questions & answers about eye patches

What do eye patches do?
Eye patches are a skin care product specially designed to treat and care for the skin around the eyes. They can help reduce puffiness, dark circles and fine lines, as well as provide moisture and nourishment to the delicate skin under the eyes.

How should the eye patches fit?

Eye patches should be placed carefully under the eyes, so that they cover the entire area with problematic skin. Make sure they sit evenly and comfortably on the skin without pressing too hard.

how do you use eye patches?

To use eye patches, follow these steps:

a. Wash your face and dry it gently before applying eye patches.

b. Carefully remove the eye patches from the packaging.

c. Place a patch under each eye on the cleansed skin.

d. Let them sit according to package directions, usually 10-20 minutes.

e. After the time has passed, remove the eye patches and pat any remaining product into the skin.

How long should the eye patches last?

How long skin care eye patches should last depends on the product's specific instructions. Usually it is recommended that they sit for 10-20 minutes to give the skin enough time to absorb nutrients and moisture.

What are eye patches good for?

Eye patches for skin care are good for providing intensive moisture and nourishment to the sensitive skin around the eyes. They can also temporarily reduce puffiness, dark circles and fine lines, giving a fresher and more radiant appearance. These products can be useful as a quick beauty treatment for special occasions or to take care of the skin in the delicate eye area on a regular basis.


Keep in mind that results may vary depending on the composition of the product and your own skin type. If you have sensitive skin or allergies, our reusable eye patches are extra good as you pair the eye mask with products you already have at home and know suit your skin.


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