Vad gör det för skillnad att använda eye patches och sheet masks till att bara använda ett serum eller kräm?

What difference does using eye patches and sheet masks make to just using a serum or cream?

Using eye patches and sheet masks can provide several benefits compared to just using a serum or cream. 

Eye patches are specially designed to treat the area around the eyes. Eye patches can help reduce puffiness, dark circles and fine lines around the eyes.

Sheet masks are usually made of cotton or cellulose and are saturated with concentrated active ingredients.

In summary, the use of eye patches and sheet masks can complement and enhance the effect of a serum or cream by offering a more intensive and targeted treatment for specific skin areas. They act as an intensive treatment and provide extra nourishment and moisture to skin areas that need extra attention, such as the eye area or the entire face.

The way they do this is by locking in moisture and the active ingredients which allows them to penetrate deeper and leave the skin happy and plump.

Eye patches you use once and throw away do this by being drenched in serum and creating an occlusive layer that adds moisture, while Zuwelia Skin is a silicone occlusive that similarly makes moisture penetrate deeper, but you combine the product instead with your own products Because Zuwelia Skin's reusable eye patches are made of 100% non-porous food grade silicone, it does not attract bacteria and just washing with soap and water is enough to keep your eye patches clean. 

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