Vad gör eye patches och vad varför ska du välja återanvändbara?

What do eye patches do and why should you choose reusable ones?

Before we answer why you should choose our reusable eye patches, we want to explain what eye patches do.

What do eye patches do?

The founder of our eye mask spent a lot of time answering this question for themselves before creating the unique reusable eye mask. When we answer the question "what do eye masks do", we also answer what eye patches are supposed to do, because in the end, many masks do not live up to our standards. We will also tell us why we think the Zuwelia Eye Mask delivers what, in our opinion, eye masks should do.

What are eye patches supposed to do?

The right eye mask keeps your favorite product close to your skin so you can get maximum benefit from it. This is a process called occlusion (Occlusion = the secret ingredient. Occlusive ingredients, or materials, place a protective layer over the skin that prevents moisture from evaporating from your skin, causing it to temporarily plump and leaving skin plumper, hydrated and happier after use.)

Instead of using thick creams that can trigger milia, eye patches use some kind of material to slow the evaporation of moisture and ingredients. This then encourages whatever formula (ingredient mix) is under the mask to sink in and leave the skin hydrated, refreshed and nourished by the product. For ordinary disposable patches, this material is usually hydrogel, for example, while our unique eye patches instead use silicone, which is reusable. 

An eye mask should let you feel like you have a moment of luxury or time to yourself, even if it's for a few minutes. At the same time, an eye mask must be effective. The right eye mask makes your skin feel prepared - either for your makeup application or for a day with bare skin.

Why should you choose reusable eye patches?

Now that you know that hydrogel eye patches (as an example as it is the most common material disposable patches are made of) are actually a serum with a protective material that prevents moisture from evaporating from your skin, Zuwelia skins reusable eye patches are exactly the same thing, a material that prevents moisture from evaporating from your skin but does not have a ready-made serum, you instead use your own serum or cream to create the occlusive effect that leaves skin plumper, hydrated and happier after use. 

One thing to remember is that with many disposable patches, the material soaks up a lot of product meant for your skin, while our silicone eye patches never soak up any product, leaving it all to your undereyes for that lovely plumpness!




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