Återanvändbara eye patches mot mörka ringar och svullnad, lägg i kylen

Dark circles & swelling

The skin around the eyes is extra thin and sensitive. It is therefore important to give it a little extra care.

Dark circles are often caused by a lack of sleep and what can help with that are products that have caffeine and anything that helps restrict blood flow will help temporarily dull and lighten the area. We therefore recommend that you combine Zuwelia's reusable eye patches with an eye cream with caffeine for dark circles. 

The fastest way to reduce puffiness under the eyes is cold. Cooling eye cream is not only pleasant, but also effective. For extra cooling effect, you can store Zuwelia Skins reausable eye patches and your cream or serum in the fridge or another product, (Zuwelia skin's eye mask does not have to be combined with a cream specifically for the eyes) for the nice cooling sensation.

Read more about our reusable eye patches here.


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