Hur du bäst parar Zuwelia Skins eye patches

How to best pair Zuwelia Skins eye patches

Little known fact: eye creams, aside from a few tweaks to ingredients, aren't really that different from the serums and creams you already use on your face.

Zuwelia Skins eye patches are paired with any serum or eye cream to create a customized eye treatment for you.

While some actives are specifically targeted, many can be found in full face serums. That said, we love a specially developed eye product. Ingredients like caffeine, peptides and humectants are found in a range of skin care products we love.

We also recommend products in serum or gel form as they often have many moisturizing ingredients that give immediate plumping results.

Reusable eye patches are only as beneficial as the products you use them with as they don't have a pre-built serum, but the beauty of it is that it allows you to completely customize your eye mask at home. You can choose to focus on moisturizing, brightening or soothing the skin - the choice is yours on what you want to target.

Here are some of our favorite products with active ingredients that we find useful and why:


Helps to calm and brighten the sensitive eye area and is a gel serum. Perfect to put in the fridge with our eye mask.

Versed Vacation Eyes

A lightweight eye gel that tackles dark circles under the eyes and has ingredients such as vitamin C, Niacinamide and ginseng root extract along with moisturizing ingredients.


An eye gel rich in moisturizing ingredients that help plump and hydrate the skin. Using proven ingredients to help the eye area such as green tea, caffeine, peptides and golden chamomile, this product hydrates and plumps and pairs perfectly with our reusable eye patches.

Hyaluronic Acid Serum

An affordable hyaluronic acid that fits perfectly with our eye mask! It provides moisture to the eyes, while plumping the eye area and banishing dry lines that can easily occur when the skin is dry and not hydrated.


Affordable eye cream in cooling gel form, with caffeine and peptides which are wonderful ingredients to pair our eye mask with.

Finally, as much as we love retinols and resurfacing agents, our eye mask actually enhances the effectiveness of the products. If you know this, never use prescription products, which tend to be more concentrated and higher in dosage, under the mask or ingredients that can lead to irritation (AHA and high concentrations of vitamin C in particular).

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