5 sätt att optimera din ögonmask från Zuwelia

5 ways to optimize your eye mask from Zuwelia

1. Less is more

 A heavy coating of your serum or cream will result in a mask that slips and slides down your face. A little goes a long way, just make sure you cover the area the mask will be placed on top of. We recommend at most a half-sized amount of product for each eye. While waiting for the product, you may need less (and bonus, you waste less product!).

2. Wait 10-20 seconds before applying your eye mask

This is especially true of thinner, more gel-like serums. While waiting, the product will become a little sticky and it is at this point that the mask remains the best.

3. 10-20 minutes every morning is our recommendation

These masks were designed to be worn for 10-20 minutes, while we have seen attempts to sleep in the masks, this is not recommended.

4. Wash under warm water with soap before and after use

Over time they will soften at first the mask may feel stiff or stiff, with a few washes it will start to soften making them easier to use.

5. Store flat in your provided storage jar

If your masks curl, it may be due to storage. Press them flat in your tin, ideally with the plastic insert. By holding them flat, they stay flat to place on your eyes. For a cooling effect, place in the freezer before use.

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